Sunday, August 10, 2008

Display a PowerPoint presentation on two screens ! ! !

PowerPoint makes it possible to show your presentation to your audience on one screen while controlling the presentation from another. This is very helpful if you have made lots of notes in your presentation that you do not want your audience to see. In order to use this function, your system must support dual monitors which usually consists of adding a second PCI graphics card. Check with your PC manufacture for further details. Here is how to set it up in PowerPoint:
Open your presentation on one screen. Select "Set Up Show..." from the Slide Show main menu option. You will now see the Set Up Show dialog box. From here you can choose to use a projector by clicking the "Projector Wizard" button. Under "Show on:" you will see an expandable menu that gives you your display options. From the main menu, select "View", then select "Notes Master". Now, go back to "Set Up Show..." from your Slide Show main menu options. You can now select what type of display you wish to view your notes on. That's it! Now you can show your presentation to your audience while viewing the same presentation along with all of your notes on another.