Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Insert Flash Movies into PowerPoint slides

MS PowerPoint is a powerful and attractive tool to express your ideas to others. You can convey these ideas in more effective ways, if you are using movie files with your simple slides. The Flash movies are normally the best choice to add into PowerPoint due to its small file size.
Follow the given steps to insert the Flash Movies into PowerPoint Slides:
Make sure before inserting the Flash Movies into PowerPoint slides that you have installed the Flash Player on your computer.
First of all open the presentation in which you want to insert Flash movie file.
Now click on "Toolbar" option from the "View" menu and choose the option "Control Toolbox".
Here a small floating menu will appear with the title "Control Toolbox".

Using "Control Toolbox" toolbar, click on the icon that looks like hammer for more controls and scrolling the objects then choose the object "Shockwave Flash Object".
Now using your mouse pointer, draw the box size and position where you want to play a flash movie.
Now right click on box and select the "Properties" option.
A small properties dialog box will appear with different options.
Under the Alphabetic tab, click the option "Movie" and type the full file path of flash movie in blank cell next to Movie (for example d:\flash_file).
Again under same tab, set the property "True" for "Playing" and "EmbedMovie" objects to add and play the flash file automatically with slide. Here you can also set the Quality, Width, Scale and Windows Mode objects for flash file.
Finally close the "Properties" dialog box. Save your PowerPoint presentation and run it for test.

Excel Shortcut keys

Shortcut keys Action
Ctrl+A Apply to select all cells
Ctrl+B Apply/Remove bold formatting
Ctrl+C Apply to copy the selected word
Ctrl+D Apply to fill down the selected cell
Ctrl+F Display the Find what option
Ctrl+G Apply to run Go to dialog box
Ctrl+H Use to display Find and Replace dialog box
Ctrl+I Apply/Remove Italic formatting
Ctrl+K Apply to insert Hyperlink dialog box
Ctrl+L Press keys to insert Create list dialog box
Ctrl+N Press Keys to create new file
Ctrl+O Press Keys to open new file
Ctrl+P Press Keys to display Print dialog box
Ctrl+S Save the active file
Ctrl+U Press Keys to apply/remove underline
Ctrl+V Press Keys to paste the clipboard values
Ctrl+X Press Keys to cut the selected word
Ctrl+Y Press Keys to run previous action
Ctrl+Z Apply to undo the previous command

Photoshop shortcuts

File Menu shortcuts
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S Save the opened document for Web
Ctrl+Shift+P To change Page Setup for printing
Alt+Ctrl+P Print the opened document with preview
Alt+Shift+Ctrl+I To display the info of opened file
Ctrl+Q Used to exit from adobe Photoshop

Edit Menu shortcuts

Ctrl+Z To undo/redo the last changes
Alt+Ctrl+Z Go to one step backward
Shift+Ctrl+Z Go to one step forward
Ctrl+X or F2 Used to cut the selected area
Ctrl+C or F3 Used to copy the selected area
Ctrl+V or F4 Used to Paste the copied value
Image Menu shortcuts
Ctrl+L To adjust the color levels
Alt+Shift+Ctrl+L To adjust the auto Contrast
Ctrl+B Used to adjust the Color and Tone balance
Ctrl+U Used to adjust the Hue/Saturation
Ctrl+Alt+X Used to Extract the selected area
Ctrl+I Used to Invert
Layer Menu Shortcuts
Ctrl+N Used to insert new Layer
Ctrl+J Used to move Layer via copy
Ctrl+Shift+J Used to move Layer via cut
Ctrl+G To create the Group of layers
Shift+Ctrl+G To create the ungroup of layers
Ctrl+E Used to Merge the Layers
Ctrl+Shift+E Used to Merge Visible
Select Menu Shortcuts
Ctrl+A Used to select all
Ctrl+D Used to deselect all
Alt+Ctrl+A Used to select all layers
Shift+Ctrl+D Used to reselect
Filter Menu Shortcuts
Alt+Ctrl+X Used to extract the selected image
Shift+Ctrl+X Used to Liquify the selected image
Alt+Shift+Ctrl+X To create the Pattern Preview
Ctrl+F Used to view the last Filter
Filter Menu Shortcuts
Ctrl++ or Ctrl+= Used to apply Zoom in
Ctrl+- Used to apply Zoom out
Ctrl+0 Used to view as Fit on screen
Ctrl+R Used to display the Rulers
F9 Used to display the Actions panel
F5 Used to display the Brushes panel
F6 Used to display the Color panel