Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Excel Shortcut keys

Shortcut keys Action
Ctrl+A Apply to select all cells
Ctrl+B Apply/Remove bold formatting
Ctrl+C Apply to copy the selected word
Ctrl+D Apply to fill down the selected cell
Ctrl+F Display the Find what option
Ctrl+G Apply to run Go to dialog box
Ctrl+H Use to display Find and Replace dialog box
Ctrl+I Apply/Remove Italic formatting
Ctrl+K Apply to insert Hyperlink dialog box
Ctrl+L Press keys to insert Create list dialog box
Ctrl+N Press Keys to create new file
Ctrl+O Press Keys to open new file
Ctrl+P Press Keys to display Print dialog box
Ctrl+S Save the active file
Ctrl+U Press Keys to apply/remove underline
Ctrl+V Press Keys to paste the clipboard values
Ctrl+X Press Keys to cut the selected word
Ctrl+Y Press Keys to run previous action
Ctrl+Z Apply to undo the previous command

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